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Types of Braces

Traditional braces are often more affordable and expedient than any other kind of braces – particularly in the case of a severe malocclusion (bad bite). During application of fixed braces, individual brackets are glued to each tooth on the arch and a thin wire connects the brackets. Traditional fixed braces work on the premise that consistent pressure is applied to the teeth. The appliances must modified by an orthodontist at routine appointments to continue exerting appropriate pressure.

There are several two types of brackets available: metal and ceramic or lear. The metal brackets tend to be the least problematic structurally, but they are also the most visible. Ceramic brackets are equally effective and less visible.

Removable Devices

Aligners Therapy 

Aligners Therapy is a series of removable aligning trays, which gradually reposition the teeth into the correct alignment. Generally, aligning trays are worn for two weeks before they are discarded for trays which fit the new positioning of the teeth. Aligners can be easily removed for eating and social functions, but must be worn as much as possible for expedient results. Aligners Therapy is a convenient type of orthodontics, but requires commitment from the wearer.

Clear, removable aligners are generally recommended for minor to moderate alignment problems.